Montessori of Loyola Parents’ Testimonials

“My experience with Montessori of Loyola has been very good and pleasant. I was very confident in leaving my child with them. I knew they were taking good care of Alo every day.

I was also very impressed with the very detailed and personal report every semester about Alo’s development.

Alo enjoyed attending the Montessori of Loyola. He learned how to read, he learned his numbers. Everything that he has shown me which he learned from school, including songs, was fun to watch. Most rewarding for me this year was how Alo finally performed during a class presentation and did not appear shy anymore.

The teachers are very kind, loving and caring, and dedicated. The home-school partnership was good and warm---no complaints.

I was very happy and impressed with what you have taught Alo. Thank You!”

From Concepcion “Bim-Bim” Zulueta, mother of Alo, graduate of Montessori of Loyola

Happy News from New Zealand from an MOL pre-school mom (Excerpts from an e-mail)

Hi Teacher Stella,

“How are you? Bea is settling really well and she loves her new school. She goes to St. Benedict's School and it’s a traditional Catholic school.

I really want to express a BIG thank you to the whole staff of Montessori of Loyola. The reason why I'm needing a report about Bea is because she is sooo advanced for her age group they are thinking of advancing her but Carlo and I are a bit hesitant. Most of her classmates are still reading at level 2 but Bea reads at level 9 although some sight words needs polishing. She is just having an adjustment period because the "e" is pronounced differently here. They say "yis" instead of "yes". Her math is also quite advanced because her classmates aren't even doing addition and subtraction.

I gave the school the (MOL) report card but they said more information will be greatly appreciated.

I'm actually a bit worried that Bea might get bored here in her new school because her teachers are always telling her how advanced she is. She is free to do whatever activity she wants when her other classmates are doing Maths.

Thanks so much for giving Bea a great foundation.

All the Best,

Kate Aduna”

From Kate Aduna, mother of Bea, graduate of Montessori of Loyola

“We had a good experience with the school. The teachers were all friendly and accommodating. I’m glad that I enrolled Lucas in this school. Lucas has matured. He has learned a lot of things that he shared with us at home. He also learned to read this school year. I should have enrolled him here for Nursery.

The indoor and outdoor facilities are clean and safe. The teachers were all good.”

From Mrs. Rosalind Fernando, mother of Lucas, graduate of Montessori of Loyola

“I am very pleased with the experience I’ve had with the school as I saw the progress with Miggy. I would have wished he had more time with the school. I see that he is now good with reading. The indoor facilities are good with a lot of learning materials. The teachers are accommodating and give regular feedback.”

From Joanna Alvardo, mother of Miguel, graduate of Montessori of Loyola

“As a parent observing her child, it was very rewarding for us to see Nathan reading. He has grown very familiar with the phonetics and could sound out words (by the end of his first year). We also enjoyed watching him perform in school. It surprised us that he is able to memorize dance steps and songs in school. Just being able to ask Nathan every day what he was able to learn and his being able to narrate to us the things he did in school was very rewarding.

I think the school is well equipped for indoor activities. Based on my observation, as well as having the opportunity to speak with the teachers on some rare occasions, I think the school has very competent teachers.

I feel Nathan has absorbed a lot of his lessons and has shown that he learns a lot in school. We were quite surprised when we discovered the things he learned such as phonetics and reading. We have seen quite a difference from when he started school and now.”

From Abigail Cancio, mother of Nathan, graduate of Montessori of Loyola

“Our overall experience with this school to the present has been pleasant and encouraging. For the most part, our children seems to be quite receptive to the teaching and to the teachers, who themselves have shown genuine interest in children.

The significant changes that were most noticeable were the social skills of the children- from them wanting to have their own way in spite of instructions given to being willing to share responsibilities.

The classroom is conducive to learning, very inviting due to the materials and the colors around.

Teachers are friendly and also receptive to parents’ request and to the children’s needs.

As for program content and learning experience, I can only say that the content is something I don’t remember getting as a child. It’s more complete and advanced now.

There is a good working relationship between us and the teachers. This was clearly manifested in our children’s moods and behaviors. We’ve had good dialogue with the teachers and they all seemed to yield highly positive results that our children manifest to the present.

The quality of attention this school gives to the children is beyond the value of money.”

From Jose Narciso “Pom-pom” Atayde, father of Jobo and Enzo, graduate of Montessori of Loyola

“When Dane was enrolled in Montessori of Loyola at 3, we thought mainly of socialization; we were also concerned with his speech. But after a few months, he could identify colors and numbers. In the third quarter, language learning and counting were strengthened. After school, he would always talk about the activities for the day and who he played with. Dane improved so much.

The first time I entered the classroom, Teacher Stella showed me an array of education materials with different teaching strategies. I believe that my child got the quality of teaching I expected. In the first few days of school, Dane constantly talked about how he loved to play in the playground of the school with his classmates. Thanks for the spacious backyard!

It’s not just about learning how to read and count. The teachers know how to encourage and facilitate the children to develop their potentials.

The school stresses the need to encourage little ones to be imaginative and sociable. They learn best through doing activities that spark their interest. It could be storytelling or about counting. But most of all they learn while playing.”

From Loida Buot, mother of Dane, graduate of Montessori of Loyola

“The school made our child better equipped and prepared for Ateneo. Our child became more friendly and out-going and became much better in speaking English. Most rewarding for me was seeing my son speaking in front of people The teachers were very helpful especially in developing the children. The home-school partnership is superb. The teachers, especially T. Stella, always updates the parent about what is going on with the child in school.”

From Vicente Blaza, father of Raffy and Reese, graduates of Montessori of Loyola

“We would like to thank you for the good foundation you gave Matteo. He’s a Guardian Angel* awardee and his teacher said it was because he had a good preschool foundation.”

(*The Guardian Angel Award is given by Ateneo to their first honor students at the Prep/Grade One Level)

Text Message From Ivi Valera, mother of Matteo Valera

From Ivi Valera, mother of Matteo, graduate of Montessori of Loyola

“Hi T. Stella, I just wanted to share that Matti received his Guardian Angel award for outstanding academic performance in Prep today. Matteo Valera was a recipient as well. I am sure that if ___ had not transferred residences, he would have been a recipient as well. Cheers!”

Text Message From Milet Letaba

From Millet Letaba, mother of Mathew, graduate of Montessori of Loyola

“I admire how the school continuously improves and adds more materials, the manner of creating or building the curriculum and other activities that are beneficial to the children…

The indoor and outdoor facilities are EXCELLENT!...

The teachers are GREAT!”

From Regina Alvis, mother of Adrien and Aldric, graduate of Montessori of Loyola
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